Estonian Society for Music Education

Estonian Society for Music Education was founded on Ocotber 13, 1990 and its members are mainly the music teachers of general education schools.

There are currently (2020) 166 members in the society.

The goals of the Society are to promote music education, to introduce the profession of music teacher and to raise awareness of its importance, to develop teachers’ readiness for lifelong learning, to mediate Estonian and international professional information and to influence the processes taking place in education.

The activities of the Estonian Music Teachers’ Association focus on:

preschool music education,

music education in general education school,

training of music teachers in universities.

Cross-cutting sections are:
Kodály and Orff sections,
international communication,
instrumental music,
school choirs,
website and members administration.

The board of the Society:

Jaanus Kann- Chairman

Elina Kaasik – Vice Chairwoman

Ester Pomerants – Executive Secretary