Verano Vocal Ensemble suvekontsert “Until the daybreak” Kadrioru lossis



Laupäev, 12. august kell 19:00 – 20:30

Piletid 8 eurot Fientas ja enne algust kohapeal sularahas.

Summer concert with Verano Vocal Ensemble – Until the daybreak

Six years in a row, the summer project choir Verano Vocal Ensemble from Uppsala, Sweden, has been offering our audience the most beautiful music and lyrics we know. This year we have the pleasure of welcoming you to a concert in the beautiful Kadriorg Palace in Tallinn.

This year’s concert: Until the daybreak

Welcome to a concert in the beautiful August evening where you can listen to a mix of hymns, classical choral music and folk songs. The repertoire includes works by Swedish composers Wilhelm Peterson-Berger, Sven-David Sandström, Olle Adolphson and others. We look forward to taking you on a journey through different musical landscapes through our singing.

This year’s conductor: Simon Arlasjö

Simon Arlasjö started his musical journey in Uppsala, together with several of the singers in this year’s ensemble as the conductor for the Women’s Choir Discordia in 2016, and has since trained at The Royal College of Music in Stockholm and the Norwegian Academy of Music. His great passion and commitment to the choral art does not go unnoticed by those who are lucky enough to sing for or listen to a concert led by Simon.

Please read more about Verano Vocal Ensemble at www.veranovokalensemble.se (in Swedish) and our social media.