Rahvusvaheline festivalikalender

The 14th Cantemus International Choral Festival in Nyíregyháza

16/08/2022 - 21/08/2022

Briefly about the festival:

  • Opening concert presented by the Cantemus choral family
  • Folklore night on the main square of the town
  • Qualifying competition to win the Festival Grand Prix, the Audience Award and other prizes awarded by the international judges 
  • Concerts in some of the most beautiful churches of Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county
  • Grandiose Gala Concert at the sports hall of the town
  • Traditional Hungarian folk dance party after the Gala Concert
  • Conducting mastercourse by Dénes Szabó featuring the Cantemus Children’s Choir and the Pro Musica Girls’ Choir