Rahvusvaheline festivalikalender

15. International Festival of Chamber Choirs and Vocal Ensembles in Kragujevac, Serbia

20/08/2023 - 25/08/2023

This is primarily a festival of new ideas of conceptualization
(dramaturgy) and, of course, a good realization of all evening concerts
(events, happenings, performances, etc.) of chamber choirs and vocal
ensembles (with or without instrumental accompaniment). Thereto the
basic idea of the author of the festival concept (Miloje Nikolic,
founder, artistic director, conductor and professor at the Faculty of
Music in Belgrade) is that “new concert attire” can be made equally well
from the new and old material, and even from their well formed
With pleasure, we can inform you too, that we managed to keep the
tradition: You do not pay any participation for our festival – you just
have to provide the money for the trip.
More informations and Application form you can find on the Festival’s
web site: https://www.muzickicentar.rs/festival/
Deadline for the application is 1st February 2023!