Estonian Female Song Society


The first chairwoman of the society was Maret Hurt. The next chairwomen of it were Viktoria Jagomägi, Kaie Kuslap, Tiia Penjam and Maire Pedak. From 2014 the chairwoman is Margit Võsa.

Nearly 70 choirs belong to the society, including 3 girls’ choirs with nearly 2,000 singers. All counties are represented.

The aim of EFSS activities is to preserve and enrich the traditions of women’s singing and to stimulate interaction, including the involvement of youth choirs.

The society has its own flag and motto song “Ei saa mitte vaiki olla” and a silver horseshoe brooch, which the singers of the member choirs love to wear.

Several events that have become traditional:

• Estonian Female Choirs Song Days

• Choir coompetitions of Estonian female and girls’ choirs

• Father’s Day concerts

• Concerts dedicated to the anniversary of the Republic

• Advent concerts

We are releasing the Female’s Choir of the Year Award and Conductor Arvo Ratassepp Commemoration Award.

. We have published 7 different female choir songbooks, various small publications and 4 biography books fabout the first honorary members of our society – Ants Sööt, Lembit Verlin, Silvia Mellik and Vaike Uibopuu.

Board members of the society are:

Margit Võsa – chairwoman

Meeli Müller

Anne Nelling

Andrus Siimon

Anneli Surva

Toomas Voll

Executive Secretary – Marika Murumaa