Estonian Choral Association

Estonian Choral Association (ECA) was founded on 28 March 1982 as the umbrella organization for all choirs and wind orchestras in Estonia. ECA is the successor in title of the Estonian Singers’ Union that was founded in 1921 and re-established in 1993. The goals of the ECA are to foster the choral and wind music tradition, to find and distribute repertoire, to establish contacts, to organise international choral festivals, concerts, educational programmes, seminars and other events for choirs, singers and conductors.

Estonian Choral Association is a member of the European Choral Association – Europa Cantat, and of the International Federation for Choral Music (IFCM).


  • Estonian Mixed Choirs’ Union
  • Estonian Female Song Society
  • Estonian Male Choirs Association
  • Estonian Chamber Choirs Union
  • Estonian Society for Music Education
  • Estonian Choral Conductors Association
  • Estonian Wind Orchestras’ Union

Interesting facts:

The number of persons singing in choirs in  Estonia is 41 619

The number of choirs in Estonia is following:

• 354 young children’s choirs

• 244 children’s choirs

• 118 boys’ choirs

• 120 female choirs

• 46 male choirs

• 300 mixed choirs

The number of choir conductors is 1052