Estonian Mixed Choirs Association

Estonian Mixed Choirs Association (EMCA) was founded in 1994 in Tartu.

The first chairman of it was Toomas Kams.

From 2003 to 2009 the chairman of the association was Raul Talmar, after that from 2009 to 2013 Riho Leppoja and from 2013 on the chairwoman is Mrs Veronika Portsmuth.

In the association there belong more than 80 mixed choirs from all over Estonia.

The task of EMCA is to offer various performance, training and entertainment opportunities for all Estonian mixed choirs, but of course the member choirs of our own association are in a priority situation.

Over the years, certain events have become popular, which take place every year or every second year and which the choirs know to expect and according to which to set their own plans.

Mixed choir song competition “Tuljak” in Tartu (takes place in odd years) —Estonian Language Day concerts in various county centers on March 14 ESL Council meeting once a year (new board is elected over a year)
A bigger concert in the end of the season Information days in September (either in Estonia or abroad)
Advent concerts in Tallinn and Tartu (2nd and 3rd Advent).

The Board of Estonian Mixed Choirs Association:

Veronika Portsmuth – Chairwoman
Jaanus Väljaots – Deputy Chair
Inta Roost
Lauri Breede
Riho Leppoja
Küllike Joosing
Mai Simson
Mariell Aren– Executive Secretary