Dear choirs, ensembles and solo artists from around the world, we invite you to celebrate the 95th anniversary of the legendary composer Veljo Tormis in 2025!

Join the community of singers who honor and celebrate the creative heritage of Veljo Tormis. Tormis’s compositions have resonated across the globe, from grand concert halls to small gatherings in diverse communities on every continent. His timeless songs remain profoundly meaningful in the modern era.

The performances of the participants will be shown to as many viewers as possible on the 95th anniversary of Veljo Tormis. You become part of a remarkable tribute!

The competition’s main prize is a trip to Estonia, Kõrveaia, to the birthplace of Veljo Tormis! Surprise prizes await the best domestic performances!
The winners are determined by the vote of an international jury, evaluating the emotional impact, conveying the song’s message, vocal clarity, technical proficiency or innovative approach.

Choose your favorite Veljo Tormis song(s). Record a free-form video of your solo/choir’s/ensemble’s performance, upload it to YouTube and send us a web link. Social media tags and posts with #Tormis95 are also very welcome!

Recommendations for song selection:
We recommend choosing well-known and beloved songs by Tormis:

“Curse Upon Iron”
“Estonian Ballads”
“Forgotten Peoples”
“Autumn Landscapes”
“Songs of the Ancient Sea”
“The Singer’s Childhood”
“Votic Wedding Songs”
“Ingrian Evenings”
“Lahemaa Song”
“Songs Learned at Weddings”
“When I Begin to Sing”

We’ll compile a video collage using all received submissions, which we’ll collectively view on the big screen at Veljo Tormis’s birthplace and virtually with a global audience on August 7, 2025.
We are looking forward to your participation and the opportunity to meet either virtually or in person at the anniversary celebrations in 2025!

Kindly share this invitation with your friends and let Tormis’s music inspire you!


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